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“I have been getting leads from people seeing me on Google. You are doing a great job for me, thank you so much.” - One Satisfied Client

“We are now seeing the fruits of our labor with opportunities and revenues improving since we started working together.”

“I enjoy working with Jim because he listens, he thinks strategically and he has a keen sense for creating a vision.”

“Jim's insight and professionalism in preparing and maintaining a marketing plan for my company has been outstanding.”

“There are two kinds of people and companies in the business world: Ones that get it and ones that don't. JMRketing and Jim get it.”

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Does writing web content cause you discontent?
Do social media make you feel unsociable?
Are you the weakest link on LinkedIn?
Is your company newsletter more of a snooze-letter?
Does Google Adwords make you say Badwords?