What We Do

A Business Swiss Army knife because JMRketing can meet all your marketing needs

Like one of these … for your business.

“What don’t we do?” might be the better question.  Every industry, and every business, has different needs and a different path to the customer.  The one thing they all have in common is a lack of time and resources to focus on marketing.  That’s why we’re here: to be your outsourced solution.

So how do we spend our days at JMRketing?


Larger companies have a Chief Marketing Officer/VP of Marketing.  Chances are you don’t … but you can, on an outsourced basis.  We provide guidance and leadership for your marketing efforts.


With our design partners, we’ll plan, design and launch your new website.  If your existing site isn’t responsive to mobile devices, it’s time for a change.  “But wait,” you say.  “No one’s driving around looking for my product/service on their smartphone.”  Perhaps not, but we’ll bet they aresitting on their couch with an iPad, and guess what?  That’s a ‘mobile device’ too.  Your website needs to display properly regardless of the device.

Project Management:

Several clients have already had their new website proposal and vendor in place … and no time to manage the project.  We took it off their plates and managed their vendors through to successful completion.

Digital Advertising:

For many local businesses, the quickest way to produce leads is a paid ad campaign online.  We successfully manage Google AdWords campaigns for several businesses.  And if your website’s not quite ready for prime time yet, those Google ads can click through to …

Landing Pages:

Specifically designed to convert eyeballs to leads, and completely independent of your website.  An AdWords campaign paired with one or more landing pages is an excellent way to get started fast so you don’t have to wait for a website redesign.

Social Media:

Everybody’s on Facebook.  Not everybody understands why they’re on Facebook, or how to go about it.  We’re here to help, because as we like to say: “The only thing worse than not having a Facebook (or LinkedIn, or Google+) page is having one that was last updated in May of 2012.”


Social media posts, blogs, advertising copy, websites … Jim has a long and successful track record of writing conversationally and appropriately for the medium.  Get it right and speak to your customers, not at them.

Traditional Media:

All the buzz lately is about digital and content marketing, but we firmly believe there’s still a place for traditional media in most marketing plans.  That’s why we have multiple clients on radio, in print and on television … the landscape for all of these media has changed dramatically in the internet age, but we have strategies to make them work for you.


For those above-referenced TV or radio spots, for corporate narration or just your “on hold” message, we provide professional, broadcast-quality voice-over work.

And More:

From designing simple print ads to video production to implementing new CRM systems, if we can’t do it for you, we have a partner who can.

The one thing we firmly believe all JMRketing clients would say is this: “Jim is interested in helping with my whole business, not just the marketing.”  We try very hard to help you see the big picture and how marketing fits into it.  Let’s talk about your big picture.


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“There are two kinds of people and companies in the business world: Ones that get it and ones that don't. JMRketing and Jim get it.”