A bullseye representing targeted marketing for presentations provided by Jim RaffertyIn addition to his consulting work, Jim is an entertaining and informative speaker and presenter.

For marketers, everything has changed in the digital age … traditional media and their audiences are more fragmented than ever, and new digital marketing options seem to sprout on a daily basis.  Content marketing remains a mystery to many, and a great number of companies have yet to fully understand how they should be using social media.

The term Moving Targets can refer to both your potential customers and the media you use to reach them, and it’s also the title of a wide-ranging marketing presentation by Jim Rafferty.  Originally created for a group of home improvement contractors, Moving Targets is a comprehensive look at the marketing challenges faced by today’s small and midsize business … and their solutions.

Enlightening and entertaining, Moving Targets will leave your group with actionable ideas they can put to work right away:

“The benefit from your presentation was extensive. We had a lot of great comments on it, and everyone seemed to get at least a few “takeaways” from it, which is fantastic.”

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