Jim Rafferty professional headshot for JMRketing WebsiteAfter spending the early part of my career in commercial radio as an announcer and program director, I moved on to handling marketing and sales management for one of Maryland’s most prominent home improvement companies. I’m the only person you’ll ever meet who spent 12 years in radio before he could break into the construction business …

The important thing to note about my time in home improvement is that ’20 years’ most definitely does not mean ‘the same year repeated 20 times.’  I guided the company’s marketing through the inception of the internet, three iterations of its website and the delicate balancing act between traditional and digital media.  As a sales manager I led a widely diverse group through a change in ownership and a major culture shift, posting gains that approached triple digits in my final year with the company while maintaining a very satisfied customer base.

On the personal front, I’m a singer and former Scoutmaster of a local Boy Scout troop.  I’ve hiked and camped in the Grand Canyon, the Florida Keys and Yellowstone National Park.

I look forward to speaking with you about moving your business forward.


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