Does writing web content cause you discontent?
Do social media make you feel unsociable?
Are you the weakest link on LinkedIn?
Is your company newsletter more of a snooze-letter?
Does Google Adwords make you say Badwords?

You’ve come to the right place.

JMRketing is the outsourced partner for businesses that lack the resources for a full-time manager, have inexperienced staff,  or just don’t have the time to focus on marketing as they should.

Many owners and managers have a sense of what’s wrong, maybe even an idea or two about how to fix it, and the best of intentions.   But they also have a business to run, and growing the business often takes a back seat to putting out the fires each day.  That’s where I come in … your outsourced marketing and communications department, bringing two decades of experience to implementing the right solutions for your business.

You’ll benefit from a breadth of experience across all media, at a small fraction of full-time salary and benefits.  From website to SEO/SEM/PPC, social media to traditional advertising, you get the experience you need.

However you choose to look at it — CMO-for-hire, Swiss Army Knife for your business, your eyes and ears for project management — I’m here to help.  Click on the Let’s Talk form and get started!